Aurora Dolores Chavez for Valencia County Clerk

   My name is Aurora Dolores Chavez and I want to be your next Valencia County Clerk! I’m running for this position because I have the knowledge, leadership and integrity to fulfill the requirements of the position efficiently.

I’m a lifelong resident of Valencia County, my husband Fermin and I have been married for 24 yrs. and together we have 2 sons. 

   Prior to working at the Clerk’s office, I worked in the Private sector for Aristech Acrylics as an International Sales Rep. handling multiple accounts. My passion for my community has taken many forms over the years, such as co-owning a local business Fermin’s Countertops’, Inc. and serving the families of Valencia County as a Family Assistant Analyst for the Income Support Division in Belen. 

    I began working at the clerk’s office as an Election Clerk for the 2008 Presidential Election. I hit the ground running and learned every aspect of elections in a very short time. I have worked my way up in my career to the current position that I hold now as Chief Deputy County Clerk, a position that I was appointed to on January 1st of 2013.            I have assisted in over 26 elections to include state, federal, municipal, and special elections and I'm also a certified Tabulator Technician with Dominion Voting systems and have attended numerous election training's since 2008.

    My priorities if elected is voter outreach and voter awareness beginning with voter drives from the Clerk’s office. Having regular scheduled voter drives from the Clerk’s office is something that I would implement immediately. I would work closely with our 4 local high schools to encourage and educate the students who are eligible to register about the importance of registering and exercising their right to vote.  Working closely with other community leaders and municipalities and coordinating voter drives with their local events would also increase and encourage voter registration. Keeping voters more informed about the importance of updating their voter registration is extremely important to keep our voter rolls accurate and up to date as well as providing the public with complete and accurate information regarding upcoming elections. There is also a need for mobile voting sites or satellite sites during early voting  to reach our most rural areas of the county  in Bosque, Casa Colorada and Highland Meadows to name a few.   

Also, for our land records  I would like to work with Tyler Technologies to publish our documents online so that they are more accessible to the public.  There are many documents that have sensitive information and will need to be redacted prior to online availability.  Working closely with the Finance Director and the Board of County Commissioners to prepare a balanced budget for the Clerk’s office is imperative to reach these goals.

  The position of a County Clerk is not one that you can just walk into, you must have experience especially with the additional responsibilities of administering elections, it’s crucial that the Clerk has the knowledge of the duties & processes involved. The County Clerk is the Chief Elections officer, and it is the responsibility of the clerk to ensure that everyone has the correct information. The laws and statutes are constantly changing, and I have the experience and the knowledge of the office to make sure that it continues to run efficiently.

These are challenging times for all us, but I do look forward to talking to more residents in the county as well as answering any questions that you might have via phone, social media, or e-mail for the time being.

   So again, my name is Aurora Dolores Chavez I'm running for Valencia County Clerk. I would appreciate your support and your vote on November 3rd, 2020!

I’m ready to work for you on DAY ONE!


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